Jane Allen Chaisson

I spent the first 25 years of my life doing what I thought I should be doing which was ultimately what  others thought I should be doing. But I always knew there was more out there for me, something with more meaning, something more fulfilling. When I decided to throw caution to the wind and quit my secure 9-5 dietitian job to go travel, that is when everything shifted. I went to Australia completely open with no plan, and that is where yoga became an evolutionary part of my life. After 6 months in Oz I returned home and started practicing at Moksha Yoga Charlottetown, joined the energy exchange team and within 4 months began assistant managing the studio. Managing rolled into teaching and managing, which evolved into only teaching. Now, I am working with the art of  living from my heart and doing only what it calls on me to do. I spend the winter months traveling, teaching yoga and learning what the universe calls on me to learn. My daily yoga practice is what connects me to my higher self – the self inside of me who observes whatever happens to be present in that moment. It grounds me and, while traveling, it is where I can find a stable sense of home.

For me, teaching yoga has become a way of trying to ignite that spark of presence inside the students who are in my class. The path to happiness in this lifetime starts inside of ourselves, it cannot be found in anything outside of us. Coming to the mat to connect, to quiet, to shift and to open is doing the work, paving the pathways inside of us to come home to ourselves and find that sense of peace that is always there, just buried under thoughts, distractions, busy-ness and maybe even chaos. We use the body and the breath as our vehicle to strip away all of those layers and find our higher selves, our real and true selves, our souls.