Karen Murphy

Karen was born and raised in Charlottetown, PEI. After moving from Halifax to Toronto to Calgary, she has made her way back home, as she always knew she would. Having practiced yoga on and off since high school, it wasn’t until Karen discovered hot yoga that she realized her true passion. Originally drawn to the physical aspects and cardiovascular workout, her practice soon evolved and it became more than a great way to stay in shape. The benefits she experienced; improved breath awareness, reduced stress, and this incredible blissful feeling after class, kept her coming back day after day. Having dealt with intestinal disease for almost a decade, she was able to find peace and calm through her practice which in the long term she believes continues to help her digestion.

With a desire to share this experience with others, Karen completed her Moksha Yoga training in 2009 in Toronto… what an amazing experience! She then traveled to Costa Rica in 2010 for Moksha Level 2. Everyday Karen is inspired by her students and teachers to continue to spread this Moksha love all over PEI!