Sara Arsenault

Sara wants to live in a world where ice cream is good for you, the laundry does itself, and you never have to wait in line.

As a former fitness instructor Sara has always been interested in staying active.  She loves running and working out, but her real passion is yoga. From the moment she stepped into the hot room she knew it was where she was meant to be. The combination of heat, friendly faces, and the moksha series of poses makes it one of her favourite places on earth.
Always keeping the intension of being a student first, Sara is looking forward to learning and growing with each class. She hopes that through her teaching students will gain strength and find a sense of calm to keep in their pockets and carry throughout the day.
More than anything Sara loves teaching. And she still can’t really believe she’s doing it! So the next time you see her say Hi. Give a high 5! Or a hug! :o)